Liverpool was a magical mystery tour (english)

I love traveling in different stories and Liverpool was an exiting chapter

In a city that is all about football and the Beatles, you can find the most lovely people

and although you can’t understand a word of what they are saying

you can feel their kindness

At 6 pm we found ourselves in “sound food and drinks” coffee/bar

drinking tea with whiskey for 1.5 pound

staring at the characters who decorated Duke street

After 1 hour and a half, we took the stairs down to the sound’s basement

There we were, Avi and I and 15 teenagers, who came to see their friends (who was the opening act) playing, with all the drama a high school party can offer

We came to the “sounds” to listen to “THE BRITANYS”, which we find googling

“live bands in Liverpool” few hour earlier

It was 2030 and the place was empty. only us and the band, who were very excited to hear  we came especially for them

We went down the stairs again, it smelled of mildew but the sound was great.

“THE BRITANYS” performed for the 2 of us and 2 other girls (who knew all the lyrics)

my heart came out for them, I almost invited them for dinner

Then they start playing

p a u s e

There are moments in life when you can feel god’s fingers playing with you

It is a moment that everything is synchronized, and you feel one with all that surround

you, it was a moment of ecstasy

“THE BRITANYS” came from N.Y to a European tour. They played for the 4 of us, as if we were 1000

I told them that one day, when they’ll be famous, I ‘ll be proud to tell they gave us privet concert.


music and life itself

they go together

like two parallel lines

which become one

music is no more

than imagination

sent from someone’s soul

sent straight

from someone’s heart

something that

can be expressed

only with notes

(Jimi Hendrix – Life in 12 box by Eric Clapton)
























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