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keep the magic close / 24. 02. 2020

keep the magic close

"Keep  the magic close”

March 2020
 We are launching our partnership together.
 However, the connection between us began a few years earlier.
 Since there is a place of respect for beginnings in our hearts,
 we are sharing with you the beginning of our story.

March 2018

Sirabella: You won’t believe to whom I sent the link!
Me: To Ninet
Sirabella: She doesn't know what to choose. 
She’s trying to decide between black and white.
Me: Tell her she will receive both and tell her I really don't give bags like that,
it's just because it's her.

I was surprised she wanted to send me two :)

April 2018

The series "When Heroes Fly" wins the Cannes Film Festival. 
Ninet stars on all networks with my bag.
I write to Ninet:
Dear Ninet,
I believe in this life there are bright spots that mark the way for us.
That signify that we are in the right direction.
You are such a point for me.
(This is far beyond advertising - which is also very important, 
because unless money is involved I will not be able to continue doing what I love)
It started with your warm response to the bags when you received them, 
to my children, through our invitation to the Barby, 
attention to every detail (black velvet ribbon), 
the response you wrote to me on Instagram, and to Cannes !!!
I've been hanging around with a huge sense of thankfulness for a few days now.
to you,To the amazing Sirabella who composed and made it all happen,
and to this life, which brought everything in precise timing and fulfilled my desire.

Congratulations on winning

Thanks love

You are amazing.

I walked around with the bag in Cannes, rarely taking it off me, 
not to mention the dozens of responses I received 
from different people on the pink carpet, 
really wanting to know where my special bag is from.

May 2018


"Joan on Third" Los Angeles
Avi and I are sitting after we send the kids to Grove. 
Ninet arrives, we eat Caesar salad and talk about music.
Me: You know, we see lots of concerts, I always enjoy them but I’m not always moved.
You move me with your devine voice and music, 
and I thought there was no reason you wouldn't be excited about my bags, 
because it comes from the same place.
Ninet: Exactly.

This is where I finally realized that this is a person whose 
music flows in her veins instead of blood.
We both get inspired by music, read the lyrics and come back to listen on repeat 
for songs that get stuck in our hearts.
I met the whole amazing family, the connection between everyone, 
the unity and the smile, did it for me. 
I came home with a smile in my heart.

The kids come back, Ninet hugs one by one, we get in the car and drive. 
It is sunset time, the ocean is spread ​​to our left, 
I can't even remember which song was on the radio because I was on a cloud.

September 2019

I send Ninet a video of me playing Chopin (one of the three pieces 
I know how to play)
And wish her a happy new year and to always do what she loves.
Ninet sends back: "OMG, you're scary"
Me: Why, I thought it would make you laugh "(because I play poorly)
Ninet: "I listen to Chopin all evening and suddenly you send it to me."

It was one of the scary, that on that very day, I decided to listen to Chopin,
it's not something that happens very often. A few hours later, 
Sharon sends me this video, what are the odds? I thought it was really strange, too, 
that our connection was built out of many such cases of reading thoughts 
and feelings.
I noted to myself.

December 2019

I go to meet Ninet at a hotel on Hayarkon Street. 
Outside there is a storm, I can barely get there because of the wind. 
We have tea with whiskey and talk about life.
I ask: I wanted us to meet to ask you ...
Even before I finish, she answers "yes"
I wanted to ask you if you would like to be a partner in Nutopa?

It was obvious that it was coming, this cosmic connection, the common agenda 
and the music, music, how much she was talking to us without us talking.
Creates us into the creation of ourselves.

It's magic, and such magic keep close.


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