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Nutopa is a brand of fine quality leather bags created by the designer Sharon Livne Morgenstern.

“For years I heard my mother in law and her sisters, who were very cool funny Telavivians, who came from Poland, ending every phone call with the word “nutopa”, in a heavy polish accent. I loved those three ladies, and always knew this would be the name of my brand”

Nutopa bags are made of soft and highest quality leather a of all kind. Nutopa bags are hand crafted down to the very last stud, with uncompromising attention to details, which along with a keen eye and unwavering commitment to quality, creates an exceptional bags with a personal look.

The brand focuses on the contrast and combination between the leather pieces. Each piece tells its own story. Every texture, color and angle represents a different aspect of Sharon’s creative process and vast spectrum of inspiration. Together they form a unique bag with a complete look.
A new story waiting to be told…

And just like we don’t need much for a specific song to tell the story in our soul, so are Nutopa bags express a state of mind.  Nutopa bags only appear as bags, but they’re our soundtrack of our lives.

That connection to music and fashion clicked Ninet Tayeb and Sharon Morgenstern together. The soundtrack that was made between these two started a journey full of inspiration, where each one of them brings her own world.

In March 2020 their cosmic click turned into partnership.

Ninet: ” We decided to collaborate and bring two artists who creates from that same spot in their guts,  that always running high even when the engines run low. Creation, music and a lot of studs”

Sharon:”We both create from a genuine and very personal place inside of us, our bond comes from this inner spot, which from my perspective is the essence of  an authentic creation”




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